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Put together by the fabulous [livejournal.com profile] ms_doomandgloom. Spoiler alerts for if you haven't already read the story.

Listen to it here.

01. If I Die Young//The Band Perry

02. The Devil Went Down to Georgia//Charlie Daniels Band

03. In the Hall of the Mountain King//Edvard Grieg

04. Serenade in C for Strings//Tchaikovsky

05. St. James Infirmary//Hugh Laurie

06. Dance of the Knights//Prokofiev

07. Wherever I May Roam//Metallica

08. Don't Know Why//Norah Jones

09. Highway to Hell//AC/DC

10. Devil or Angel//Bobby Vee

11. Can't Help Falling In Love//Elvis

12. Bennie and the Jets//Elton John

13. Henry Lee//Nick Cave & PJ Harvey

Bonus Tracks:

Travelin' Roadside Blues//Robert Johnson

Devil's Trill Sonata//Vanessa Mae

Road Trippin'//Red Hot Chili Peppers

Johnny Angel//Shelly Fabares

Dream a Little Dream of Me//Mama Cass


01. If I Die Young//The Band Perry

Claire was at her desk, glaring at her geometry and listening to The Band Perry's "If I Die Young" when she heard it, the beating of mighty wings.

Gather up your tears, keep 'em in your pocket
Save 'em for a time when you're really gonna need 'em

The last thing she ever heard her father say was, "Just take me." And then the comet was gone. And her father was gone. And she was left crying in her mother's arms.

02. The Devil Went Down to Georgia//Charlie Daniels Band
Benny raised his eyebrows at the mention of Sam, but then he shook his head, pushing his curiosity aside. "Before we got all sidetracked with talk of boyfriends and flings, I was going to ask if there was music on there. I never got me a smartphone when I was topside, but I knew enough about them."
"I never would have pegged you for a musician. But you are wearing a fiddler's cap." Meg fired up her music app. "Any kind in particular? 'The Devil Went Down to Georgia'?"

Now you play a good fiddle, boy, but give the Devil his due.

"Sam was kidnapped and tricked into marriage by a crazy fan," Meg said. "Dean got off easy."
Benny's second burst of laughter was steadier, more genuine. "Really? Big bad Sam?"
"Demon magic," Meg said. "It takes all kinds, and they ask for all kinds."
"No wonder you were concerned about fans poking in demon mojo." Benny shook his head in disbelief. "Sam's basically been a puppet his entire life, hasn't he? It's a wonder he doesn't come out swinging."
"He's too nice for that," Meg said dryly.

03. In the Hall of the Mountain King//Edvard Grieg
Meg was reminded of standing back-to-back with the best comrade-in-arms she'd ever had, watching Leviathans close in to the whistled strains of "In the Hall of the Mountain King".

04. Serenade in C for Strings//Tchaikovsky
Benny hummed along to a Tchaikovsky refrain. When had Meg accumulated so much classical music?

05. St. James Infirmary//Hugh Laurie
Benny plugged the phone back into the radio. "What do you want to listen to now?"
"I'm nicer than Dean," Meg said. "I compromise. Put on some Hugh Laurie. I feel like a little 'St. James Infirmary'."

Wherever she may be
She may search this whole wide world over
Never find a sweeter man as me

“You know,” Meg said, sliding up to Castiel. “I went through a lot to get these spell ingredients for you. I killed Merlin for you. I pretended to be married to Benny for you, and he made me be nice. And, worst of all, I LARPed for you. So you better appreciate having your grace back, Clarence. I expect a whole lot of pizza, and a whole lot of moving furniture, if you know what I mean.”
Castiel nodded. “Of course. Lots of pizza. Except, when the pizza man brings the pizzas, he doesn’t get to spank you. Just me.”
Meg winked at him. “Anything you say, Clarence.”

06. Dance of the Knights//Prokofiev
As soon as the last head hit the ground, they took off running. Prokofiev, tinny and uneven from bouncing in Meg's pocket, echoed after them.

07. Wherever I May Roam//Metallica
"When we find a proper place to rest," Benny said, "you should show me some Metallica. Dean talked about how much he missed it, and I never really got a chance to try it when I was topside."

And my ties are severed clean
The less I have the more I gain
Off the beaten path I reign

There was no sun, moon, or stars in Purgatory, just a lightening and darkening of the sky to delineate days and nights. Day, night, death. Those were constants in Purgatory.

08. Don't Know Why//Norah Jones
Meg and Benny fought and ran, rested, fought and ran. Benny hated Metallica. He warmed up to Norah Jones (Meg had no clue how that ended up on her phone).

Out across the endless sea

I would die in ecstasy
But I'll be a bag of bones
Driving down the road alone

They didn't talk about who they had been before. They didn't talk about Dean, Sam, or Castiel. They didn't talk about the sea, sailing, or Andrea. They didn't talk about Azazel, Lucifer, or Crowley.
While she worked, she deliberately did not think of Benny, roaming the wilderness and on his way to getting killed. She didn't think of Benny, letting a hunter take him down.

09. Highway to Hell//AC/DC
"Now that I think about it, this might be more appropriate for our journey." Meg fired up some "Highway to Hell".

"Hi, I'm Meg, I'm a demon. So...doorway to Hell?"
"This way." Benny turned and headed toward some trees.

Hey Satan
Payin' my dues

Meg had yet to figure out how he maintained a sense of direction down here. The landscape was flat enough that there were no outstanding features she could use to orient herself, and there was no sun. The horizon was one endless gray circle.

10. Devil or Angel//Bobby Vee
The radio was playing some of the old doo wop Benny sometimes insisted on when it was his turn to drive.

You look like an angel
Your smile is divine
But you keep me guessing
Will you ever be mine?

She swallowed down the hot water to wash out the bitter taste the dream had left in her mouth. Why had she dreamed of Jimmy and not Castiel?

11. Can't Help Falling In Love//Elvis
The doo wop transitioned over to some smooth, old-school Elvis crooning about where fools rush on. Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.

Shall I stay
Would it be a sin

Jimmy crowded her up against the kitchen counter, hands splayed across her ribs and back. He was still an A student of the pizza man, whoever that was.

12. Bennie and the Jets//Elton John
"Stephanie and I are your quiz bowl partners!" Leanne beamed. "Isn't that so awesome? We need to think of a cool name."
"Benny and the Jets," Meg said without missing a beat.

The spotlight's hitting something
That's been known to change the weather
We'll kill the fatted calf tonight
So stick around

Benny listed them off quietly. Cattle deaths. Lightning storms. Unfortunately, nothing the people of Lawrence hadn't dealt with before.

13. Henry Lee//Nick Cave & PJ Harvey
"Hi! I'm Meg, and this is Benny, and we're on an excellent adventure!" She beamed, then dug an elbow into Benny's ribs. He smiled weakly and waved. "Today, we're bringing you our best demonic-vampiric rendition of 'Henry Lee.'"

She leaned herself against a fence
Just for a kiss or two
And with a little pen-knife held in her hand

She plugged him through and through

A murder ballad was only appropriate. That, and Meg might or might not have been the demon who'd goaded the woman into stabbing the real Henry Lee, or rather, a handsome young man called Young Hunting.

Bonus Tracks:

Travelin' Riverside Blues//Robert Johnson
Benny tugged his phone out of his jacket pocket. "Driver picks the music."
Meg sighed but fired up some Robert Johnson for him.
"Great blues from this man," Benny said.
Meg smirked faintly to herself, booted up the reading app on her phone. "He made a deal with a devil."
Benny huffed, exasperated. "Can't you try to be nice for a single second and not ruing everything I enjoy at every turn?"
"I was being nice. Great music, brought to you by Hell. Some terrible music, too, but usually great music."

She got a mortgage on my body now
And a lien on my soul

Benny came to stand beside Meg. In a low, tight voice he asked, "Will there be girls there dressed up as Andrea?"
"I don't know," Meg said, just as softly. "Maybe. Kevin didn't really describe her thoroughly. They probably won't even look like her. Not enough for it to –"
To hurt.

Devil's Trill Sonata//Vanessa Mae
Meg had ridden a fiddler once. Taunted him with the promise of the perfect song in exchange for his soul. Devil's Trill and all that.
"I know you can play nice," Benny said. "Or at least, you can fake it. You managed to do it with Sam Winchester."
"Once. And only for a brief while."
"A long enough while that he considered you a sympathetic ear when he complained about Dean."
Meg shrugged. "I know everything that went on between those boys, have seen inside their little heads. Sam, violin. Me, Vanessa Mae."

Road Trippin'//Red Hot Chili Peppers
Benny settled himself grumpily against the passenger window, scowled when Meg hooked her phone up to the radio and turned on some Red Hot Chili Peppers.

It's time to leave this town
It's time to steal away
Let's go get lost
Anywhere in the USA

The best thing about being a demon and a vampire on road trip was that neither of them needed to sleep. Benny, who was fed up with the sheer amount of money they spent on sunscreen, tended to huddle in the back seat under his coat and sleep during the day, so Meg took that time to drive. What would have been a two-day journey was cut down to a mere twenty-five hours because sleep wasn't a necessity. When they crossed the state line into Georgia, Meg hustled Benny out of the car for a selfie in front of the "Welcome to Georgia" sign. She emailed it to claire with a note that they had a lead on a demon for the final ingredient, and she hoped Claire's midterm paper was coming along all right. Benny would have been pleased, what with his constant nagging at her to be nice. When they stepped for gas outside Atlanta, Meg insisted on trying some Georgia peaches.

Johnny Angel//Shelly Fabares
Shelly Fabares's tinny voice rang out. Meg flipped her cell phone out of her pocket, put in on speaker. "Speak to me, Lady Clarence."

You're an angel to me

“Meg,” Castiel said.
“Heya, Clarence.”
He stepped around Claire, caught Meg by the elbows, and dragged her in for a kiss. It was a good kiss. Had the sneaky bastard been practicing since she saw him last?
“Hot damn,” Dean said. “Now I feel dirty.”
Meg stepped back, feeling a little dazed, and then she smirked at Sam and Dean, who both looked highly uncomfortable. Meg grinned at Castiel. “I think you owe me a pizza, angel.”

Dream a Little Dream of Me//Mama Cass
Mama Cass was singing about stars shining bright above.
"Sounds a little cliché to me," Benny said.
Light came up on a beautifully domestic scene.

Stars fading by I linger on dear
Still craving your kiss
I'm longin' to linger till dawn dear
Just saying this

Nina looked young, maybe in her very early twenties, and earnest, fresh-faced. Like the original Meg Masters. She grinned, expression sly. “So, Megstiel. Do you ship it?”
“Totally,” Meg said. “It’s not clichééIt’s canon.” But she remembered, briefly, standing in Jimmy Novak’s kitchen and making dinner for Claire. She remembered Jimmy’s hands on her waist, his lips on her throat. She pushed that aside.

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