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Title: Meg and Benny's Excellent Adventure
Author: [livejournal.com profile] nagi_schwarz
Artist: [livejournal.com profile] ms_doomandgloom
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairings/Warnings: Meg/Castiel, implied Meg/Jimmy Novak, mentions of Sam/Amelia, show-level violence
Summary: Meg and Benny go on a roadtrip. Pretexting, hunting, LARPing, and bickering over music in the car ensue.

Part V

Chapter Twenty-Four

Benny sat bolt upright. “That’s where it ends?”

“That’s where it ends,” Meg said.

Benny spluttered. “But – but what happened? What did he say to her? What did she say to him?”

“None of our business,” Meg said loftily. She guided the car off of I-93 and into the heart of the city.

“But...you’re a demon! Since when do you care about privacy?” Benny heaved himself into the front seat. They’d taken turns for the three days it took to drive from Lebanon back to Boston to meet up with Claire. She was up to her ears in homework and had been very terse on the phone.

“If you want to know so much,” Meg said, “you can ask her when you see her.” She might or might not have gotten lost on the way to the Novak apartment, but she didn’t let Benny know. If he bothered to read the newest run of Winchester gospels, he’d find out, but Boston had such winding, confusing streets that he had no hope of noticing how lost they were.

After driving for forty minutes, most of the delays due to Meg’s poor navigation skills than due to the winter traffic on the snow-slick roads, Meg parked behind the seafood restaurant.

Benny inhaled appreciatively as he stepped out of the car. Meg scooped up her backpack containing Merlin’s heart, a succubus’s kiss, the vials of demon ichor, and all of her hunting gear – but none of her clothes, those could stay in a separate bag – and headed up the fire escape.

She knocked.

Amelia Novak opened the door. She screamed.

“Wait,” Meg said, raising her hands in a gesture of surrender.

Amelia jackrabbited back a step, reached into the linen closet, and came up with a laundry spray bottle. She sprayed Meg in the face. Meg hissed and recoiled at the onslaught of holy water.

“Demon!” Amelia cried. “Claire – Claire, run!”

Benny jumped in front of Meg, arms also raised in surrender.

“Ma’am,” he said, softly, urgently, “please. We’re not here to hurt you.”

She sprayed him in the face with the holy water, then looked terrified when nothing happened.

Claire came skittering around the corner, armed with two super soakers, one labeled “holy water”, the other labeled “holy oil”. She fired. Benny took the brunt of both shots, but Meg flinched and twitched from holy water spray.

“No, Claire, I can’t lose you, too,” Amelia said. She pushed in front of Claire and drew herself up to her full height. She was trembling from head to toe. “You can do what you want to me, but you leave her alone.”

“Ma’am,” Benny said again, “we come in peace.”

Claire, who had leveled both super soakers at them over her mother’s shoulders, froze. “Benny?”

“Yes’m,” he said.

Claire lowered both weapons. “It’s okay, Mom. They’re friends.”

Amelia turned to her, shocked. “But the woman – her face –”

Amelia Novak reacted to Meg the same way Emmanuel had. She could see demon faces. Interesting. Meg peeked out from behind Benny, hands still raised in surrender. “You know how some angels are total douchebags? Some demons are nice.”

“You could have called,” Claire said.

“I called when we were a couple of hours out,” Meg said. “It’s been a couple of hours.”

Claire’s mouth was pursed in a tight frown. “Really, Mom. It’s okay. I’ll let them in.” She herded Amelia back into the house, knelt and cast aside the devil’s trap rug so Meg could have safe passage down the poky hall.

“Who are they?” Amelia demanded.

“Colleagues,” Claire said.

“From school?” Amelia sounded bewildered.

“From hunting,” Claire said shortly. She stepped past her mom and headed back to her room. Meg followed. Benny tipped his cap at Amelia, then scrambled to catch up. Amelia was left standing beside the linen closet, clutching a spray bottle of holy water, her world upended. She looked pale, sickly, afraid.

Claire let them into her room, nudged the door shut with her hip. “So. You got it?”

“All of it,” Meg said. She unzipped her backpack and laid the fruits of her quest on the desk: a wooden box still damp and earthy from a forest in Broceliande, a jar of rose water with a tongue floating inside of it, and several vials full of black, tar-like demon ichor. “What next?”

“Thank you,” Claire said. She looked first at Meg, then at Benny. “I’m glad you made it safe.”

“Will your mother be all right?” Benny asked, glancing at the door.

“She will be soon.” Claire turned and knelt, pushed aside her desk chair. She peeled back the plastic chair mat and pressed very carefully on the carpet. A panel swung upward. Claire had made her own secret crawlspace. Inside of it was a thumb drive, a battered denim zippered Bible case, and an antique leather-bound codex. She fished out the codex and then closed the crawlspace, replaced the plastic mat.

“What next?” Meg asked again.

Claire stood up. “We find Castiel.”

“We?” Meg echoed.

Claire shoved the codex into an olive canvas army surplus satchel. Her hunting supplies. “I’m coming with you.”

“What about your mother and school?” Benny asked.

Claire snatched up the spell ingredients and tucked them into her satchel as well. “I’m coming with you.” She met Meg’s gaze and held it, unyielding.

Meg studied her. “Fine,” she said. “Where are we going?”

“Meg,” Benny said, turning to her for support in his objection to Claire’s accompanying them.

Meg turned to him. “This is Claire’s quest. She’s Guinevere, we’re Percy and Gawaine. We do what we do on her behalf. If she wants to come, who are we to say no?”

“I thought, after Merlin, we were done with Arthurian allusions.” Benny frowned.

“If the shoe fits and all that,” Meg said. She lifted her chin at Claire. “Where are we going?”

Claire fished her phone out of her pocket, fired off a call.

Benny and Meg exchanged resigned looks and waited.

“Hey, Tracy, it’s Nova,” Claire said. “I need a pretty huge favor from you. Like a translation of the Songs of Israfel huge. I know, that’s pretty huge. I need you to call Sam Winchester for me. I don’t have his phone number. Tell him that Claire Novak wants to meet him. Yeah. Claire Novak in the flesh. I do know her. What can I say? Friends in strange places and what have you. Awesome. Send me coordinates.” And Claire hung up.

“Nova?” Meg echoed.

“No need to tell hunters who I really am,” Claire said. “I’ve made good trade with the hunters as Nova and good trade with the fans as Clairestiel.”

“And the new prophet?” Meg asked.

Claire smiled sweetly, screw-you-very-much written into every curve of her lips and every gleam of her pearly white teeth. “Not happening.”

There was a knock at the door.

Claire straightened up. “Yes?”

“Would your friends like some snacks?” Amelia’s voice wobbled only faintly.

Claire glanced at Meg and Benny, raised her eyebrows.

“No, but thank you, ma’am,” Benny said.

“Okay. Just let me know if you change your mind.”Amelia’s footsteps retreated. How had Meg missed them?

“By the way,” Claire said, “you two caused quite the riot at the convention. Fans can’t decide if it wasn’t some kind of crazy LARPing stunt or if you and Benny were sociopaths who crashed the party. Abby fell off the grid, by the way. Damian and Barnes still haven’t figured out how much money she made on my behalf or how to send it to me, especially since I had to rent out a couple more PO boxes and leave forwarding addresses in them to counteract Abby the demon’s tracing efforts.”

“We got the job done,” Meg said.

“You scared the hell out of Becky.”

Meg shrugged. “Becky needed a little hell scared into her, frankly.”

Before Benny could join in with chastising Meg, Claire’s phone chirped. Her face lit up. She turned the phone around so Meg could see. “You know where this is?”

“Lebanon, Kansas,” Meg said. She slewed a glance at Benny. “You were so close to finding Dean. Closer than you knew. I can teleport us all in Trusty if you like.” She nodded to Claire.

“According to Tracy, Sam and Dean will be there in the next twenty minutes.”

“Excellent,” Meg said. “Does your mom have any cookies?”



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