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Whew! As you probably saw, SGA RBB fics are posted! So it was back to the regular 'verses (and, okay, starting a new one, I'm sorry!)

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Been working on by SGA RBB fics for WiPed into Shape February at Ushobwri, and I still have a couple more to finish, so 'verses are kind of on hold, but they're not dead, I swear.

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Haven't forgotten my ongoing 'verses despite starting several new ones already this year, I promise!

...I just discovered that I can't edit posts imported from LJ, so masterposts started over there will be incomplete over here, so these update posts will sort of be the only way to keep track of 'verses as they get completed. /o\

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Title: Blood and Water
Author: [personal profile] nagi_schwarz
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Pairing(s): Evan/John, Rodney/John, Rodney/Evan, Evan/John/Rodney
Rating: FRT to FRAO
Warnings: sex and violence, references to past child abuse
Word count: unknown; series not yet complete
Summary: In which John Sheppard grew up Baby John, scion of the Sheppard crime family in Boston; Evan grew up Bluebell Davytyan, leader of a ring of car thieves for the Flanigan crime family in San Francisco; Rodney grew up in constant emotional warfare; and all three of them ended up on Atlantis. Written based on fic prompts.
Link to Series: on AO3

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