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Title: In a Galaxy Far, Far Away
Fandom: SGA, Star Wars
Pairing: McShep for now, more to come
Rating: FRT
Warnings: Show-level violence
Summary: SGA, except John is an Ancient Jedi instead of a USAF
officer. Written in response to prompts from various prompt communities.
Link to Series: On AO3

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Announcement: it's WIP Month over at [community profile] ushobwri, and I really, really need to buckle down and get some fics with deadlines done. So! I am taking a break from filling prompts till the end of the month. I'll probably still swing by and harvest prompts to fill later, but I need to focus my efforts on existing stories, so here goes!

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I figure I'll post whenever I've done at least 3 fills on fic_promptly. These weren't all done in the same day, but I reckon posting whenever I do just one fill is kinda lame.

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Hey, all! I've started filling prompts over on the DW comm fic_promptly.

Some of those fills might cross over with verses I've created by filling prompts here on LJ at [community profile] comment_fic, so to keep all my ducks in a row, here are the fills I've done today!

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