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You all know how much I love my SGA. Probably going to do this:

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Celebrating OTW's 10th Anniversary

Only been one of the AO3 gang for a year, but it's an awesome platform for fanworks. Much kudos to the OTW crew who keep AO3 alive.
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It is with a sad heart I bid farewell to Somewhere Better, that kind of bizarre Kings/SGA crossover. Took me about a year to write it. It tops out at about 58,000 words with nineteen chapters. That universe is not closed - I hope to write more adventures for AR-7 in the future - but this first part is finished. All good things must come to an end. Thanks to everyone who was along for the crazy ride.

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It's the first time I've done one of these, but I'm pretty pleased with how writing went this year.

Words clocked: approximately 900,000
'Verses written (and completed) (all in the Stargate Multiverse for the most part): the Marks 'verse, Foxtrot, Read My Lips, Play Along, Avenging Stars, Home and Away, Good Hunting (season one)

'Verses started (in progress - with goals to finish them in 2017) (also all in the Stargate Multiverse for the most part): Crashdown, SGCIS, Number the Stars, Paint the Sky With Stars, Juris Imprudence, The Oppenheimer Effect, Blood and Water

137 fills for the [community profile] comment_fic daily challenges, some of which are included in the 'verses noted above, plus countless others I deemed too small to add to AO3

Challenges/fic exchanges: the IFD event, the [community profile] ushobwri 10MM, the [profile] sga_squee proposal challenge (2 fics, one part of the Foxtrot 'verse, one standalone), the [community profile] story_works challenge that brought me the Marks 'verse, [community profile] intoabar 2016, [community profile] spn_summergen 2016, the [community profile] story_works conspiracy theory challenge (one fic for the Avenging Stars series, one standalone), the [profile] sga_secretsanta gift exchange (one fic, one pinch hit), and the [community profile] story_works winter magic challenge (also technically an addition to the Good Hunting 'verse)

Best of all, though, I made friends, with my muse and sounding board and beta and partner-in-crime [personal profile] brumeier, and with the lovely [personal profile] aivix and [personal profile] popkin16, and also all the kind, supportive lads and ladies at [community profile] ushobwri, including [profile] thesmallhobbit and [personal profile] thewhitelily, and so many more.

It's been a good year for writing. A surprisingly good year for writing. Here's to hoping 2016's goodness for writing continues in 2017 and spills into other parts of my life as well.
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My good friend [ profile] brumeier let me know that [ profile] story_works is doing another challenge, and you all know how I just cannot say no to a challenge.

So I'm going for it!

Click the picture for more information!
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Did I mention I'd signed up for this?

Because I totally did. Woohoo!
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Not a lot this week, but...

Play Along

Any, any, let that be your last battlefield - Rodney and John are finally on the same page

any, any, but I'm hoping at the gates they'll tell me that you're mine (Lana Del Rey - Born To Die) - The band gets back together

...and on that note, this 'verse is officially complete!

Juris Imprudence

Any, Any, just another day at (insert your workplace here) - Just another day at WOW, according to Evan Lorne
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It's fanfic appreciation day! I have been feeling much love on AO3, but I hope that there was much love given on LJ as well.

I just wanted to send a shout-out to the writers whose stories have helped me stay sane over the years, across many fandoms. Thanks to [ profile] brumeier, [ profile] taste_is_sweet, [ profile] aivix, [ profile] miss_porcupine, [ profile] cleflink, [ profile] rageprufrock, [ profile] rotaryphones, and [ profile] meri_oddities to name only a few. There are so many more who I've read over the years who I cannot begin to name or remember. You're the best.

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It is with a fond heart that I bid farewell to Read My Lips, my second comment fic 'verse in the Stargate Multiverse. Thanks to [ profile] brumeier for the lovely 'verse banner (check it out on the masterpost), and my girl Rose for all her help about Deaf Culture, and to everyone who read along. You can check out the entire thing on AO3 or at the masterpost, which has been updated to include a list of the stories in chronological order.

Also, I am open to requests to turn one-shots into extended 'verses (or to someone attempting to start a new 'verse on the comment_fic meme). So, let me know if you're interested!
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Hey all, I've been signing up for more writing things, so hopefully I will actually get things done, what with deadlines and all. Go Team!


Also [ profile] brumeier and I have signed up for [ profile] sgareversebang, so we will be teammates and mutual cheerleaders for that project as well. Here comes the fic!
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I am declaring this 'verse officially done! Unless someone has a very specific request for a story in this 'verse, I think I'm pretty much done writing it. It's been a wild ride, so thanks to everyone who was along for it. I had fun, and I hope you all did too.

Other 'verses are still ongoing, but I will slowly close them down as their stories are done.

Farewell! )

If you've been waiting for the 'verse to be done before reading it, I totally understand.

The original masterpost is here.

The chronological masterpost is here.

And the AO3 version is here.

So long, farewell!

...Did I fall asleep?

For a little while. :)
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Guys, girls, I think I'm going to do this thing.


I can't stop writing.

Click the picture for more information!
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Bunny Banner

Hey guys, I'm going to do this thing! Between [ profile] ushobwri and [ profile] comment_fic I have been crazy productive for the last two months (writing-wise, at any rate). With this new dealie I hope to be able to get the sequel to Crashdown done by the end of the month, or at least the first draft done. Thanks to [ profile] brumeier for helping me get up and running again as a writer :)

Here goes!


May. 24th, 2015 09:12 am
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Even though I am on vacation, I did a thing:

Sign-ups May 17-31 - Click the banner for details!

I signed up for the SPN Summergen. Super excited!
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I have a distressing number of fics in the pipeline that I just need to be disciplined enough to finish, and also timestamps for various 'verses kicking around that are nearly done, and I was hoping to get a regular beta, either someone familiar with my verses or who can get familiar with them pretty quickly who is willing to be a beta on the regular.

If you're interested or know someone who might be, please send me a PM and we can get this show on the road. I feel bad whenever I post unbeta'd stuff, and you all deserve better.


Jul. 19th, 2012 10:19 pm
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Welcome to the home of [ profile] nagi_schwarz's and [ profile] ficsco's fanfic, fanart, fanvids, and other fannish creative transformative works! All of this is for fun, none of this is for profit, and everything is for a good time.

The house rules:

1. Be polite to each other.

2. Constructive criticism is welcome and encouraged; destructive criticism, trolling, flaming, and the like will not be tolerated and may result in bans.

3. No fanwanks over OTPs and the like; everyone is entitled to their own well-reasoned, polite (if sardonic or deadpan) opinion.

Feel free to navigate by tags, masterposts, or master lists.


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