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Stories divided by fandom. Browse to your heart's content. Will be updated as stories are finished. If it has a Masterpost, it is also on AO3. If it is on here, it is finished. If you can't find it here but you're pretty sure I wrote it, you can check my old fandom masterlist here.

Stargate Multiverse (and crossovers)

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Supernatural (and crossovers)

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It's the first time I've done one of these, but I'm pretty pleased with how writing went this year.

Words clocked: approximately 900,000
'Verses written (and completed) (all in the Stargate Multiverse for the most part): the Marks 'verse, Foxtrot, Read My Lips, Play Along, Avenging Stars, Home and Away, Good Hunting (season one)

'Verses started (in progress - with goals to finish them in 2017) (also all in the Stargate Multiverse for the most part): Crashdown, SGCIS, Number the Stars, Paint the Sky With Stars, Juris Imprudence, The Oppenheimer Effect, Blood and Water

137 fills for the [community profile] comment_fic daily challenges, some of which are included in the 'verses noted above, plus countless others I deemed too small to add to AO3

Challenges/fic exchanges: the IFD event, the [community profile] ushobwri 10MM, the [profile] sga_squee proposal challenge (2 fics, one part of the Foxtrot 'verse, one standalone), the [community profile] story_works challenge that brought me the Marks 'verse, [community profile] intoabar 2016, [community profile] spn_summergen 2016, the [community profile] story_works conspiracy theory challenge (one fic for the Avenging Stars series, one standalone), the [profile] sga_secretsanta gift exchange (one fic, one pinch hit), and the [community profile] story_works winter magic challenge (also technically an addition to the Good Hunting 'verse)

Best of all, though, I made friends, with my muse and sounding board and beta and partner-in-crime [personal profile] brumeier, and with the lovely [personal profile] aivix and [personal profile] popkin16, and also all the kind, supportive lads and ladies at [community profile] ushobwri, including [profile] thesmallhobbit and [personal profile] thewhitelily, and so many more.

It's been a good year for writing. A surprisingly good year for writing. Here's to hoping 2016's goodness for writing continues in 2017 and spills into other parts of my life as well.
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For one and all, here is a list of my existing fic on LJ. Expect future fandom works to appear here. Fics are listed by fandom and/or comm:

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