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So, everyone is moving over to DW from LJ, and I used a lot of prompts from comment_fic to jump-start and build my 'verses, and I had some prompters I was familiar with who would leave prompts for fandoms they know I write in. I saved a lot of prompts and plan on using them to keep on writing, but I can't really juggle two prompt comms, so I am officially switching over to fic_promptly on DW. If you like my fills and want some more fixes for your favorite fandoms (WK, GW, HP, SGA, SG-1, H50, Thoughtcrimes, Losers, Kings, and others), drop prompts at the new place and have at it. :)

In the meantime, though, I went on a bit of a prompt filling spree to get my words back after going on a reading binge during my camping trip.

Thoughtcrimes/Stargate Atlantis, Brendan Dean + John Sheppard, Brendan is mistaken for Colonel Sheppard by [whoever] and the real Colonel Sheppard has to be called in to fix the situation.

The Losers - any - military prison

Final Fantasy VIII, Squall, in which Squall Junctions Shiva for the purpose of starting a snowball fight in Balamb Garden in the middle of summer.

Harry Potter, any, an American exchange student

Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, that guy browsing the frozen pizzas isn't Arthur, or is it? (reincarnation)


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